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With the ever increasing busy city life, you always fall short of time and energy to do small little but important daily stuffs /errands like groceries, shopping, gifting and you wonder if you had a genie for help. Well the wait is over and here comes Halodude to your rescue! Halodude services, now in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad & Jaipur and is here to transform the way you buy, pickup and deliver almost anything and everything across the city.

We have launched our user friendly application that you can download to your mobile phone and start making your life easier by getting a great helping hand from Halodude. Using our app. you can place pick up orders for cakes, medicines, foods, electronics, samples, gifts, household goods and many more such items from any part of the city. Within two hours of your order placement our agent/dude will go to the location specified by you to pick up your described item. You will be intimated about it. After getting confirmation from you, your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep within a short while. You can keep a track of it all the way through our app. and stay tension free as Halodude will be there to save up on your time and energy.

Parcel Delivery

Halodude values its customers the most. Every parcel we pick up is carefully handled by our professional executives and extra measures are taken to ensure that it reaches on time in perfect condition to the correct address. All you need to do is provide us the item in proper package. You can use envelopes, small cartons or bags for parcel purpose.

Almost Anything Delivery

Any important document or item can be picked up from your home or office and can be delivered to the destination set by you with total care and confidentiality. We are here to address the need to buy small but essential things like medicines which are so important especially if you have elders and kids at home. Our dudes can collect medicines with a screenshot copy of your prescription from the pharmacist and deliver to you so you can never fall short of the pills that help you recover from your illness or keep you and your family members safe and healthy.
Think of dog food or your little baby’s diapers, we can pick up from any store that you wish and deliver to you at your specified timings.

Express Delivery

Is buying a fragile item and then carrying it all the way to home gives you a headache? Keep your worries at bay for we provide fast and secure delivery of all the delicate items including cakes. For express delivery, we can arrange a pick up of your order as early as possible with the maximum time frame not exceeding 2 hrs after receiving your request through our app. Our dudes/executives strive to meet your expectations and provide you with a world class and delivery service.

Bulk delivery

If you are relocating or want to transfer your belongings anywhere within the city or from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar or vice versa, you can depend on Halodude! We have the facility of bulk delivery as well. You can pack your books, utensils, kids toys, sports gears/kits or any household items you can think of in carton boxes, seal it and book it for pick up through us.

We provide 2 executives to carry and load up your items weighing not more than 30kg.
We are currently operating in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Gandhinagar and Hyderabad. Shortly, we’ll be launching ourselves in Baroda by January 2019.

Cake delivery

Birthday, wedding celebration or anniversary, cakes are oh so necessary! With so much to do on such special occasions, Halodude would love to become a part of your happy memories. We are delivering custom made heavy cakes in all shapes and sizes throughout the city. We have numerous bakers delivering customized cakes to their clients weddings, birthday parties and other events.

Gift Delivery

Flowers, chocolates, dry fruits and sweets make up for great gifts on Diwali, Eid, Christmas and many more such festivals. Let us help you make these occasions memorable. Cosmetics at arrival feels like a present. When ordering is a few click tasks, gals are too gorgeous to grill themselves in billing ques. Halodude can pick up and deliver cosmetics hasslefree.


Pricing Plan

we believe in making simple and fair pricing plans. Choose your next successful plan and get started today!.


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4 Kms




  • Our team will contact you in 15 Minutes.

Up to

4 Kms




  • Our team will contact you in 15 Minutes.

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  • Our team will contact you in 15 Minutes.

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we believe in making simple and fair pricing plans. Choose your next successful plan and get started today!.

What are your timings?

We operate from 10:00am till 08:00pm. However, if informed in advance, we do midnight delivery as well subject to the availability of our dudes.

Can you provide pick up for bank cheques?

Yes, we can pick up bank cheques or any such important documents. However, it needs to be enclosed in an envelope and properly sealed.

Is there a buying facility available through your app?

We are planning to incorporate buying option through our services in future but as of now we have pick up and drop facility.

I am residing in Jaipur. Can I send cakes and flowers to someone in Hyderabad?

Absolutely, if you manage to buy a cake online in Hyderabad. You can then set a pick up order through our app., make online payment and provide the drop address.

Can I order food through Halodude?

Yes, our dudes can fetch you vada pav, dosa and all types of vegetarian food from the local shops. It will be from the particular food joint you wish to eat from.

What if I am unable to book a service through your app?

Our application is very easy to use. However, if you’re facing any difficulty, you can call us on 9727215061 or whatsapp us.

How would I know that the order picked up is the right one?

Our dude will send you a picture of the item from its pickup point and will set out for delivery after receiving your confirmation.

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